A cold breeze sweeps through the graveyard on a full moon night.  You pull your cardigan around you a little tighter, wishing it was the arms of a lover but alas, you are alone. A faint whistle is heard.  Could it be the wind? Or the songs of a ghost choir?

Heat fills your body like magma as the anxiety kicks in.  Faster, you walk through the graveyard, looking for the quickest way to exit.

Suddenly, you halt.  There, beyond the mist and forgotten souls, you see a gathering of spirits. As frightened as you are, you are somehow drawn to this enchantment set before you.


Based in LA and inspired by 80s fashion, R.I.Brie writes, sings, plays, and produces her own graveyard pop tunes about haunting heartbreak and bad choices. Her first album, Tired Eyes, was released in October 2019 and is available on all streaming platforms.

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